Love yourself

Last week I went to see the film Bohemian Rhapsody.  It was a bit of a nostalgic trip back to the 80's and 90's although I enjoy he music of Queen this film look at the character to Freddie Mercury.  Although I enjoyed the film I felt sad when I left. Freddie had tried to fill his life with love by looking for it in sex drinking and drugs. He was a road to self destruction and in the end it got him.

In the Gospel today we hear the law of love. You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your strength and with all your understanding and your neighbour as yourself. I am guessing that for most of us, by virtue of us being here today have a pretty good understanding of love for God. I am guessing that is why we are here. The other two parts for most of us are a little problematic.

Love of neighbour is fine until we actually have to love those that we find difficult those who we find diffuicult. As I often say those for whom you would not even share a taxi with. But…

So once we have got rid of the ego then what?

The  other day I was in Pound land. I was directed to the self service tills. As I paid for my items. A voice came from the tills of Elvis Presley. First of all it really shocked me to hear him tell me to have a nice day but the other thing was it was extremely annoying. I complained to the shop steward who said that they were to have that voice until the end of October. I suspect that the next voice will be Santa or something like that. We have got used to self service tills and there is even a store run by Amazon that has no one in there that the whole shop is run by sensors and cameras called Amazon go. Both of these things have a sense of lack of human contact. They denote to us the lack of service. 
The readings speak to us today of the possibility of being a servant. The old Testament from the book if Isiah shows us that Jesus was the suffering servant for us. He showed the depth of his love by suffering for humanity. Jesus gave his life because he loved us as the Gospel puts it …

Get rid of the ego

There is one word that strikes me about what the rich young man says. He uses quite a lot the word I. What can I do to inherit eternal life he asks. I have done all this. The Rich young man was so caught up in himself and what he had achieved he could not see beyond the I.  He comes with pride to Jesus. It almost feels arrogant the way he asks Jesus the question. 
The Ego is our biggest obstacle to God. When we are caught up with ourselves we find It so difficult to see beyond the ego. We come with our own sense of pride and our own sense of who we are we fail to see the world around us. We come with a sense of not realising that we do things with the help of God rather than on our own merits. This is why Jesus looked steadily at him and loved him. He saw beyond his ego, but the challenge of Jesus was deeper. He gave him something that for him was impossible to do. In one translation I read it did not say wealth but processions. This is an interesting point. For me it makes more sense.…

God at work today

Just follow this link his words are amazing

Why Go to Church ( Unedited)

A few weeks ago a child at a school visit to st. Josephs asked me this question. Why do you go to Church? This I thought was a very good question. I then began to wonder what is it about coming to Church for me is so important to my Sunday. I know you will probably say. Because you have to say Mass Father but, there must be a deeper reason why we or indeed I come to Mass. 
For many I guess its the sense of community where we meet friends and Jesus. The invitation for us is not only for us it is for everyone. This invitation then is something that is for us as a community to extend. We welcome here the stranger those on the fringes of society. We ask them to come and join us. For many people the Church is not a place where people can come. It is a place where they do not feel welcome. We need to be a people of welcome.  This involves all of us. Not just speaking to our friends and those who are around us but to extend and welcome those who are maybe visitors. 
There are a few people who …

Listen, weakness and acceptance

The readings explore the problems of preaching the Gospel that people do not listen which we hear in Ezekiel. That your message is not accepted by those who know you the most Jesus and trying to be strong when in fact there is much learning in weakness Paul. 
Like the modern world there seems to be a frustration in getting the message home. There are three key words that I would like to explore in the readings today: Listen, weakness and accept. 
Listen: We live in a fast paced and quick society. Everyone is in a rush. There is instant communication where we can send a text message across the world and receive it in seconds. In the past we would write a letter or two and then expect a reply in a few weeks time. Now you send an email I the morning and are disappointed and worried about what has happened. Because we move so fast, because we perceive that we do not have time we have forgotten to listen. Even sometimes our prayers have become talking to much. I often say Listen Lord your ser…

God's healing touch

Both the characters in the Gospel today show us something of ourselves in the face of adversity. Both Jarius and the woman with the hermerorage were desperate to find Jesus. They had faith in Jesus and so they were seeking him. They both made themselves vrunerable in facing Jesus. The woman reaches out to touch him and the father seeks Jesus and wants him to come with him to her daughter. Both look towards Jesus as their final hope. But through this desperation comes something wonderful a great faith that Jesus. 
There are a few things that can help us unpack this story. Jesus when walking through the town gets touched he asks who has just touched him. It is important for him because he has felt that someone is reaching out for him. Jesus does not want to be classed as some sort of walking relic where people just reach out and are cured. Notice that the person they bring forward is scared and frightened but Jesus purpose of his question is not to humiliate but to commended her for her …