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When you loose something very close to you there are many different emotions that we have to deal with. Generally they are both a feeling of lose and worthlessness and anger. We feel that sometimes there is even nothing to get out of bed for. And loss can come in very many different ways. A few years ago I lost my faith. I still went to Mass but I  would class my self as a functional Catholic. I did not engage with anything that was going on. I was lost and found myself in the barren desert where all there seemed to be is darkness. And when you are in this darkness it is very hard to find any sort of light any sort of hope. Even religion and everything that you hold dear seems to be lost. God seemed very far away me. And there are people who send you what seem empty platitudes. These words you most defiantly do not want to hear.   

Many people describe that they are closed off from listening to others all they can hear is their own self doubt their own self anxiety. Notice if you will …

Listen to a message

JEREMIAH had this problem that he felt that his preaching was going on deaf ears. The people refused to listen. He tried his best but he felt that he had to shout to be heard.
 I remember a story of one priest who had a huge problem preaching. As soon as he started people would emerge themselves into the Newsletter.  So he went to ask his bishop about it. His advice was to shock them into listening. But also this priest had a very bad memory. So the bishop said tell the people you have fallen in love. That should wake them up. Then when you have go their attention tell them it’s our Lady Mary and you can talk about that. So at Mass on Sunday he got up and said “I have fallen in Love” everyone was shocked and listened. “But” he continued “I can’t remember who with.” 
Listening to the message of Jeremiah must have been difficult to hear and yet he had a message that people needed to hear and take heed off. As a Christian Church we have an important message to tell others. Sometimes this m…