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Feast of St John the Baptist

“What will this Child turn out to be?”  You can understand this question if we realise some basic facts surrounding this story. 
For Elizabeth and Zechariah they were filled with joy because they were never expected to have children. John was a real gift from God. The name John means The lord is gracious .  This question then was more poignant this person this baby who they had been given as a gift of God. He would end up being the light for the nations pointing and preparing the way for the Messiah (Jesus)  his mission would be short be vital and important.
John is the link between the old and the New Testament the last of the great prophets to point the way to Jesus. He even eludes to the fact that he is unable to walk the same way this was not his mission. 
We see the hope of our own Children at baptism as a Church and as parents we see the hope of the future I am sure that many parents ask the same question: “what will this child turn out to be?” I am sure its the same for almost eve…