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Novena thoughts

Day 1 Charity
 The gift of Charity to all people is something that as disciples we should learn from Jesus his compassion and care for the people that he encountered inspires us to do the same: 

Day 2: Joy. To live with the Joy of the Resurrection is a real gift of the Holy Spirit. Let our hearts be open to the Joy that the Lord brings

Day 3: Peace 

Today we focus on Peace. Not just for Peace between nations but also the gift of Peace for ourselves. To allow the Holy Spirit to help become more peaceful people. So that we may walk as bringers of peace to the people we meet. 

Day 4: The gift of Patience
We live in a world where everything seems to move so fast that there is no time to think or pray. Because the world moves fast there seems to be an ever greater gift that disciples of Jesus ask for the gift if patience. To walk with another person to listen and also ask the Holy Spirit that we will have this gift not only for those who we meet but, also for ourselves: to be patient with ourselv…

Baptised in the Spirit

A few months ago I was prayed over. It was a strange experience and felt very uncomfortable. During that time the person who prayed with me said that I was closed. My body language must have said as much. I was angry because I have always seen myself as quite an open person. I came away feeling quite discouraged and felt that there was nothing in this prayer stuff.
Over the next few months I tried it again a few times. It seems that although I was running away that something was drawing me to wanting people to pray with me. At three different occasions and with three very different people said the same thing it was this “ You are my beloved Son in whom I am pleased.” 
Over March, I think because of the weather and also grief, I was very depressed and also quite needy. I remembering texting my best friend and saying to her I need you please call. So lent felt hard and painful. Easter and Holy Week came and I realised that I was very very tired. I had been invited to Worth to the young pe…