It is the Lord

So what are we passionate about? What gets us up in the morning and I don’t mean the radio or the alarm clock Maybe its a particular sport or art or music or a TV program. What ever it may be we talk about it with Passion and we live it and love it. When ever we think about it or the person it brings a smile to our faces. 
Well Peter was not very excited or passionate about his job of fishing in fact he was up all night and they had not caught anything. He was probably tired and a little bit worn out by the whole thing. Seeing Jesus although not recognising him. Remember this is after the Resurrection many of the disciples of Jesus had problems recognising Jesus. He had changed but maybe they had not. It was through the signs that he did that they began to reconginse him. After the Haul of fish it was the one that Jesus loved John that recognised him and said “ It is the Lord” 
Now by this time they were quite close to the shore and Peter who was naked jumped into the sea. Now Peter was…

Love into action

In the Old Testament you will remember that Adam and Eve were ashamed in the Garden when they ate from the tree of knowledge they knew that they had fallen short from what God wanted of them.  And they coved their nakedness. In the Gospel today we see Peter Fishing we are told that he had practically nothing on. He put his clothes on maybe ashamed of his nakedness. As he ran to the Lord. It is here that we have that beautiful moment maybe the one that Peter was dreading where he came face to face with his shame of denying Jesus three times. We know he was shamed because when the cock crew he ran ran off and cried. 
Jesus question to him is asking Peter do you love me. In this moment Jesus takes away Peters shame. He forgives him of the denial he gives him freedom in his love. Unlike Adam Peter was able to accept this. 
This love means also to be in action. After each of the responses to Peter Jesus asks him to do something. It is a call to put that love into action.  As it says in St Pa…

The Glory of the Lord

The Glory of God is the final act in this three day love story of God to us. This if you like is the icing on the cake. The triumph over Sin and death is no ordinary event. In fact the events of the last three days have not been ordinary they have been extraordinary they have been supernatural. The empty tomb and the experience of the resurrection changes everything changes humanity and changes who we are. This single act of God helps us to live in freedom it is the central act of our faith that everything else hinges on. But it can only be understood as the final act of this love story. It can only be understood if we engage with the supernatural and start to see the signs of the Supernatural the Risen Christ at work in our world. If he loves us as we have discovered over the last few days he does then he must constantly at work in the world. Sometimes like the disciples we do not have the eyes or the risk of faith to see it we are comfortable in our own  world. We have to let our gu…

Good Friday

In the 1960s, East Germany's communist government ordered the construction of tall buildings in all major cities to create "new socialist landmarks" and to upstage churches as the defining structures of city sky lines. One such structure was in Alexandra Platz called the Radio Tower. Its opposing structure has a glass globe in the middle and is treated by many different chemicals. For the Communist party it has one major flaw. When the Sun hits the Glass structure a large white cross appears on it. The Cross then is seen over the whole of both East and West Berlin. It was nicknamed the Popes Revenge. 
This story and the image that we have seen in our papers from Paris with the Cross intact among the ruble and the destruction reminds me of one thing. The power of the Cross. It is a stark reminder that the Cross conquers all things. This symbol of love and redemption is central to who we are as Christians it gives us hope and reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cros…

Maundy Thursday the lesson of Love

Over the next few days we will learn a great lesson in fact the greatest lesson that we can ever learn. This journey should open our hearts afresh and renewed in answering the greatest question: What does love look like? 
The answer has many different facets and Jesus will show us what it actually means Jesus will show us that it will look like many different things. Each part of the answer will help us rediscover the glory of God and what he actually means to us. Are you ready for the journey Are you open for the Today in this Mass we see a depth of love from the author of love. Through these actions we are told to do the same. So let's look at what Jesus does?
First of all he bends low and washes feet. The thing that in the times of Jesus was left by the slave is done by Jesus. He washes these smelly uncompromising feet. Taking then into his hands to wash. Lovely drying them what is he saying. Love is about serving your fellow human being no matter who they are. Jesus teaches us t…

throwing stones

The people who brought this woman to Jesus picked up stones and rocks to throw them at her. They were ready to kill her for the Sin that she had committed. So, When you pick up a Stone what does it feel like? For me, It feels cold, hard and uncompromising It has rugged edges and sometimes sharpness to it. Sometimes it feels very heavy and weighing me down.  It takes an effort to break and can’t be broken with just normal human strength. 
When we pick up stones to throw at people they are not necessarily physical stones they are the stones of unforgiveness when our hearts are bound by a hardness of heart for another person or a situation. We hold on to these stones for dear life and have tension in our bodies because we like to hold on to them. We do not listen to compromise we are set firmly in our ways. 
When we hold on to these stones we do not have time to listen to another we do not hear the names or the stories of those that we are condemning.  We hold on the grudges our body langu…

Do not Judge: Notes on the Homily for the 7th Sunday

The Gospel message is really hard today. It's a real challenge. As I listen and pray with the Gospel it feels like an examination of Conscience. 
Let's take a real life Scenario. In the news this week we have heard about Shamima Begum and the fact that she wants to come back to England. I was talking about her and saying of course she should not be allowed back into the country. My first reaction was to agree with the news and other agencies. Then I read todays gospel love your enemies pray for them do not judge be compassionate. I then realised I had done everything in this case. I was happy to listen to the news and take it and be like the rest of the world. 
Praying the Gospel I began to feel uncomfortable. Here I am always ready and quick to judge, and make a judgement without the full facts. I act harshly towards those who I do not see eye to eye with and am ready to critizie. The Gospel teaches us not to think as People think but to always walk in the Spirit to see as Jesu…