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Ascension Day

On Wednesday morning I was sitting in St Peters square. The square was packed and there was not a spare space to have had. We were waiting for Pope Francis and you could feel the expectation as the moment for his arrival got closer. What struck me was the crowds and what impressed as well was the fact that they all came from the four corners of the globe. A lot of these people were young people.

 In this carnival like atmosphere I was thinking about two things and they are in a way related to this feast we celebrate today. The first thing that we notice is the gift of  waiting Jesus promises the disciples that there will be the Holy Spirit to help them. He will never abandon his people. The joy of waiting is that it gives us time to truly understand the significance of what we will receive at Pentecost. Waiting can be hard and sometimes painful but the rewards are great. Just think about the joy of a couple who love each other very much meeting after a time apart.  We are waiting now f…