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Why Go to Church ( Unedited)

A few weeks ago a child at a school visit to st. Josephs asked me this question. Why do you go to Church? This I thought was a very good question. I then began to wonder what is it about coming to Church for me is so important to my Sunday. I know you will probably say. Because you have to say Mass Father but, there must be a deeper reason why we or indeed I come to Mass. 
For many I guess its the sense of community where we meet friends and Jesus. The invitation for us is not only for us it is for everyone. This invitation then is something that is for us as a community to extend. We welcome here the stranger those on the fringes of society. We ask them to come and join us. For many people the Church is not a place where people can come. It is a place where they do not feel welcome. We need to be a people of welcome.  This involves all of us. Not just speaking to our friends and those who are around us but to extend and welcome those who are maybe visitors. 
There are a few people who …